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πŸ‘‹ Hi! Welcome to my blog. I'm Kajan, a full-stack engineer focusing on JavaScript(Vue, React) and ASP.NET Core stack. I am thankful to the internet community for helping me out on various occasions πŸ™πŸ˜˜. I hope to give back to the community by sharing my experience, and knowledge.

Creating a static list from another static list with additional items in C#

March 14, 2021

JavaScript destructuring like syntax in C# to initialize a static list based on another list with additional items in one call.

Exporting data to Excel in C#

February 26, 2021

Let's add and test a method that encapsulates all the Excel generation logic, and allows us to pass only the required data like list of objects that need to be translated into Excel rows.

Oh my Vim!

January 04, 2021

I have recently started using Vim for full time in my work(inside my IDE). Initially it was bit hard, I had to consciously decide whether to…